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Dan and Ethel Doty began building Mountain Dulcimers in 1973. They build 4 and 6 string models, all of which are handmade in their shop.  Dan and Ethel do all the work themselves so there are no pre-assembled parts or kits involved.  Dan Doty Dulcimers are made from solid wood that is milled in their shop.  All Dan Doty Dulcimers are quality made with attention to every detail.

Each top and back is 2 piece construction and book matched.  Each set of sides are book matched as well. Other features are inlaid fret boards.  Each instrument is fretted full scale with the 6 1/2 fret in the lower octave, also the extra fret is included in the upper octave.  Each dulcimer is set up to be strung for either the right hand or the left hand player with a minimum of restringing effort.

Dan and Ethel began marketing their instruments at local craft fairs and shows. For years they worked the Tennessee Craft Fair in Nashville and also Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri. Also, since 1978 they have showcased their dulcimers during the Harvest Festival in Dollywood each October.

The Mountain Dulcimer is the easiest of all stringed instruments to learn to play. Most individuals teach themselves to play the dulcimer in a relatively short time.