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We build 4 string as well as 6 string dulcimers. Our 4 string models are the ones you might be more accustomed to seeing.

A word here about our 6 string models. Years ago we began attempting to build a dulcimer that will play louder, one that you can accompany other instruments with and be better heard as the dulcimer by nature is a soft sounding instrument. We and others feel that the 6 string model meets this need. There have, through the years, been other 6 string dulcimers. However we have improved the instrument to what it is today. The 4 string and the 6 string models are scaled and fretted the same way and are played the same. The 6 string gives a more full sound. Shown on this page are both the 4 string as well as the 6 string dulcimers. The wood type and sound hole design are optional.